Delivery Service

Delivering and collecting your hire items is a key element to any successful event. We provide full delivery and collection service across Sydney.

No matter where you’re hosting your event, we can provide our delivery and collection service to your location. Whether you’re having a family gathering at a residential address, or a christening at your local hall, or even your wedding day at one of many beautiful wedding venues across Sydney, we deliver your equipment for you and will return at the arranged time and day, to collect them, making the process as hassle free for you as possible.

You can book with confidence knowing your equipment will arrive well before your event starts, to allow you time to set up, or in some cases, you even receive the hired items a day in advance. Our team happily arranges the delivery and collection of your hire items to ensure we take the pressures of hosting an event, right off your shoulders.

We deliver and collect 6 days a week (excluding public holidays), ensuring you get the best possible and convenient delivery date for your event, and can collect at a convenient time and day. Sunday service may be available.

To make your day run smoother, we reach out before arriving to let you know we’re on the way, and give a rough arrival time as well. We do request that an adult be on the premises at the time of delivery, as we may request a signature signifying that the goods that were ordered, have been delivered and the correct quantities have been provided, and nothing missed, and also a signature upon collection noting that the same items and quantities that were delivered are also being collected.

If the arranged delivery is during a period where there might not be anyone home or available, our driver may leave your hire items in your back yard, or inside a side gate, with your permission. This must be communicated at the time of booking, or during confirmation of your booking. No items will be delivered if a side gate is locked, as our drivers will not leave any hire items at the front of any location, out in the open, or visible to public eye.

If your event is at a location in which access is not near the event room, additional costs may be applicable if drivers must carry equipment over a distance from vehicle, to your location. Additional charges may also be applicable in the event of equipment having to be carried up (and back down) stairs, equipment is required to be taken up in to a building via an elevator or goods lift, or require your delivery to take place at a specific time. Should you find that one or more of these might be applicable to your order, please ensure you advise the staff at the time of the booking. Labour charges would be applicable if any of the variable information above regarding delivery difficulty is not disclosed, and the driver arrives to make delivery for you.

Should you have any further questions about our drop off and pick up service to you, contact our team on 1300 13 22 82 or email [email protected] for more details.