Stage Hire

Elevate yourself with our sturdy and reliable stages available for hire. Enhance your event with the simple addition of a carpet.

We supply industry standard quality staging, with heights from a comfortable 30cm high, up to 80-90cm heights, and higher if required. If you require any height taller than 90cm, railing would be required to secure the sturdiness of the stage.

Catwalks are the perfect solution for corporate showcases, fashion shows and presentation events. Our Catwalk lengths can be adjusted for spacing available, with “T” Catwalks available as well for that little bit extra when presenting your products.

Steps are available for all heights above 30cm, with skirting available as well for all stages. Our qualified team for your convenience conducts assembly and disassembly. Labour costs are not included in the stage pricing and vary depending on location, ease of access and stage sizing.

Feel free to contact our team for pricing, availability, and to secure your bookings.

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