Black Gladiator Chair
  • Cushioned seat
  • Sturdy resin design
  • Wooden styled look
  • Suitable for formal events


The black gladiator chair is a sleek and stylish seating option for a wide range of parties and events. They are all black, and sturdy and stylish, with a black cushion on the seat.

Our black gladiator chair is used for a wide variety of events. They are commonly used for birthday parties, as well as engagement parties, fashion show events, tv presentation and commercials, school formals, and many more events. They are also the perfect solution for larger type events, as they are a clean and presentable looking chairs, and can easily fold away when your event concludes. Previous customers have also used the black gladiator chair for casual events, such as vowel renewals and family gatherings, due to the chair’s sleek, presentable and stylish look. They are a great way to ensure no matter where your event may be, the chairs will give your event a stylish and sleek look, as well as making your event stand out from the rest. 

The black gladiator chair is also referred to as black folding padded chairs. They are your stylish and comfortable seating option, coming equipped with a cushion on the seat, ensuring your guests can sit comfortably no matter how long your event may be. 

The white gladiator chair, is also commonly known as and referred to as the Americana, or white folding padded chair. It is made from a strong, high grade polypropylene resin, ensuring strength and stability for all guests. The chair also comes with steel reinforced leg frame, which means you have the comfort and peace of mind knowing our chairs will be sturdy enough for your guests.

The measurements for the chair is a height of 770mm, and a seat height of 450mm, and a width of 440mm.

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