Grey Plastic Stackable Chair

Grey Plastic Stackable Chair


  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Light weight
  • Easy to stack


The grey plastic stackable chair is the perfect chair solution for every and any type of event or party. They are lightweight, and sturdy, holding weight up to 130KG, which means you can book with confidence knowing our chair will be suitable for any and every guest. 

Our grey plastic stackable chairs are used for a wide range of events. They are commonly used for home functions, including birthdays, family gatherings, BBQ’s, kids parties and many more functions alike. They are also the perfect solution for larger type events, as they are a great mixture of affordable, and presentable looking chairs. Previous customers have also used the grey plastic stackable chair for larger events such as outdoor festivals, wedding functions, and larger events requiring a large number of chairs. They are a great way to ensure your demand is met, as well as keeping costs down. The chair has also been used previously for indoor corporate events, as well as functions inside warehouses, as they are each to set up for any event. 

With the ability to be able to stack the chairs up to 20 units in one stack, the stacking chair makes packing up your event all the little more easier, taking up less space, which allows you to clean up more efficiently, and finish sooner.

The grey plastic stackable chair is commonly known as the Bistro chair, as well as the Barrel chair, can be used both indoors, and outdoor, which means one less decision you have to make when deciding which chair you would like.

The chair’s measurements are, 800mm height, with a seat height of 450mm. The width of the chair is 450mm as well. The chair is made of material consisting of polypropylene, and is also UV tested.

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