Kids Trestle Table

Kids Trestle Table


  • Low height suitable for all kids
  • strong material
  • Fold in legs for easy pack up


Ensure your party caters for all ages by hiring one of our kids trestle table for your little ones. Perfectly suited to fit with our kids chairs, the kids table will be the easy solution for your kids table needs.

Being a kids product does not mean it lacks in quality, strength or sturdiness. Our kids table is made of the same material that the full sized adult. The kids trestle table is made from a plastic mould, designed to ensure strength on the entirety of the table. With metal folding legs that fold and lock in to the underside of the table, it is easily set up in short amount of time, freeing you up to ensure your event is ready on time. And just as easy as set up of the table is, the same can be done for packing up. When your event finishes, simply fold the metal legs and lock them in place. This saves you time packing up and makes the process fast, effective, and easy.

Each kids table can seat 6 kids per table comfortably, with 2 kids on each long side of the table, and 1 kid on each end.

Delivery and collection for the kids trestle table, and kids chairs, as well as any other products you may require, is available Sydney wide. Our team delivers, and collects your equipment for you with zero hassle.

The table measurements are 1.2m length, with a table width of 61cm, and is height adjustable.

If you have any questions about the kids trestle table, or would like to place a booking, please call our office on 1300 13 22 82 or visit our contact page for more information.