Triple Bowl Slushie machine
  • Includes up to 6 flavoured mix
  • 100 regular 220ml cups
  • 100 regular straws
  • We clean the machine


Our triple bowl slushie machine is ideal for any type of large event you’re hosting, from a large wedding, to school fetes, work christmas parties and every event in between. Each triple bowl slushie machine package 2 comes packaged with 6 flavoured mix of your choice (which you can find here), as well as 100 regular sized cups, and 100 straws as well. Each flavour mix creates up to 60 drinks, so you’ll get a total of 360 drinks from the triple bowl machine.

The triple bowl slushie machine, commonly referred to as a cocktail drinks dispenser, cocktail machine, or daiquiri machine, will produce the frozen slush drink you know and love. No matter who your guests may be, the slushie machine is sure to be a hit with everyone at your party.

The triple bowl slushie machine is commonly used for larger capacity events, including 40th birthdays, school formal and school fete events, carnival events, and many more events where a large quantity of guests will have different tastes.

Every slushie machine we supply is provided to you with free delivery and collection within Sydney. This means we will deliver this machine to your house, hall, wedding venue, work space, or any other location your party may be in. Please be advised that additional collection or labour costs may be applicable should same day collection be required, or after hours collection be required, or any other collection that may be outside of regular delivery and collection times. Please note due to the size and weight of the triple bowl machines, a male’s assistance may be required on delivery and collection.

The triple bowl slushie machine requires a strong table to be placed on top of. We recommend strong kitchen bench tops. We also provide timber trestle tables which are strong and sturdy enough to cater for the weight of the slushie machine, as the machine is a heavy unit on its own, and will become heavier once filled with liquid.

If you have any questions about the slushie machine package, or would like to book, please call 1300 13 22 82 today, or email [email protected]