1.8m Plastic Trestle Table

1.8m Plastic Trestle Table

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Category: Table Hire
  • 1.8m length
  • 76 cm width
  • 73 cm height
  • Seats up to 8


Our 1.8m plastic trestle table is the ideal table for any type of function or event requiring tables for food, presentations, or any other usage requiring a table. The plastic tables are strong and sturdy ensuring stability and peace of mind, knowing you can place every day items, products, pots and loads of food on the table without any concern.

The plastic trestle table i made from a plastic mould, designed to ensure strength on the entirety of the table. With metal folding legs that fold and lock in to the underside of the table, it is easily set up in short amount of time, freeing you up to ensure your event is ready on time. And just as easy as set up of the table is, the same can be done for packing up. When your event finishes, simply fold the metal legs and lock them in place. This saves you time packing up and makes the process fast, effective, and easy.

Each table can comfortably seat 6 guests, and you can even seat up to 8 guests per table. This can be achieved by seating 3 guests per length side of the plastic trestle table, and 1 guest on each end of the table.

If you’re looking to achieve a ‘one long table’ look, you can simply place multiple tables end on end, and finish the look with our white or black table linen.

Compliment the look of your table and event by adding one of our table linen to your order. We supply both white linen, and black linen as well, to suit every type of event.

The table measurements are 1.8m length, with a table width of 76cm, and is 73cm in height.

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