3x6m pop up marquee

3x6m Pop Up Marquee



Our 3x6m pop up marquee is the most popular marquee we have available, due to its convenient size, and affordable pricing.

It is the fast, affordable, and effective solution for any area needing to be covered from sunlight, rain, or any other weather elements.

Each pop up marquee is made from a strong and reliable aluminium frame, and all round weather proof roofing and walls. This means no matter the weather conditions on your event day, you can book with confidence knowing you will remain dry, protected, and can continue to enjoy your party.

With every pop up marquee hire, we happily supply weights for the legs of the marquee. This means that in addition to the weight of the marquee, the heavy weights provided will ensure that your marquee will withstand even the windiest of days^. That includes setting up on beach side events*.

Our delivery team will arrive at your location of your event, and set up your marquee for you. The frame springs in to place, and can be set up by one driver, but for a fast and efficient set up, we request that one person on site assist the driver in setting up. Our team will return on the arranged day to disassemble your pop up marquee, and collect as well.

Walls are also available to go with your marquee. Each wall comes in a 3m size, and is available for just $20 per 3m wall. So for a 3x3m pop up marquee, you would require 3 walls, to make one entry.

If you have any questions about the pop up marquee, or would like to book, please call our team on 1300 13 22 82, or visit our contact page for more information.



^* Should management/delivery team deem the weather to be unnaturally extreme and set up of the marquee in extreme wind conditions can potentially cause harm to persons or property, said people have the right to advise against setting up the marquee. We take all necessary precautions to ensure clients will receive the service they have paid for, while holding responsibility for damaged good, or personal injury to customers, guests, or staff.