Dry Ice Machine
Dry ice Machine Hire

Dry Ice Machine

$499.00 $399.00

  • Thick fog
  • Creates cloud effect
  • Lasts up to 4mins continuous fog


The dry ice machine is a gorgeous addition for any couple celebrating their wedding with their first dance together during the bridal waltz. Our Chauvet Nimbus Pro dry ice machine is an industry standard, and purpose made to be used for bridal waltz, and wedding events.

The machine has a capacity which holds up to to 10KG of dry ice, which will equate to a total time of up to 4 minutes of continuous fog coming from the machine. That means you have the confidence of knowing that the thick fog will run for the entire length of your first dance song.

Our dry ice package includes everything needed to ensure your night runs perfectly, and is as hassle free for you as possible. This package includes the Chauvet Nimbus Pro dry ice machine, 10KG of dry ice pellets, a staff operator for the night, as well as logistical costs including delivery, set up, and removal.

Our staff operators arrive appropriately dressed in black clothing to blend in with venue staff. The operator arrives to your venue an hour and half prior to your advised time for your bridal waltz, to bring in the machine, and have time to set up and prepare. They liaise with the MC of the night too, for better communication leading up to your waltz time. At the conclusion of the first dance, our operator discreetly removes the machine from the room, and quietly exists the venue without disrupting your wedding or any guests.

Par can lights are also a great addition to the dry ice machine if you wish to light up the thick fog with your favourite colour, or if you want the fog to colour match your wedding theme colour.

For more information, availability of the dry ice machine hire service, or to book in, please call 1300 13 22 82, or visit our contact page for more information.