• Multi coloured
  • Wall wash effect
  • Strobe/Fade/Flash
  • Mood lighting ability


The par can light is the most popular light that we have available for hire. This is due to its cheap and affordable price point, as well the lighting ability to be versatile, such as lighting up flashing colours, as well as washing a wall to create a backdrop.

You may be familiar with the sight of lights on the floor brightening up a wall. This is called up lighting, or mood lighting. You can easily achieve this with the par can light. The par can light has its own stand, so it can be placed on the floor, pointing upwards to wash a wall with which ever colour available you may like. All units are the same, and can shine multiple colours, including red, green, blue, pink, purple, orange, and other popular colours.

The par can light also has the ability to be used for a wide range of other events, with its unique ability to take on other flashing methods. Uplighting (for example), as mentioned above, the light can be set to static, so it stays on one colour. Alternatively, you can have the par can unit strobe different colours. There is also a pleasant fade feature, where the colours fade in and out to each other in a slow and pleasing speed. There is also the flash feature, where the colours change and flash at a regular pace.

The par can lights built in mini stand gives it the ability to be placed on a floor, or can be mounted on to our lighting stand. Different events utilise the little legs differently.

This light is the best option for wedding events, commonly used for uplighting. If you are looking for a party light, you can also use these lights with its flashing feature. The LED lighting is soft yet bright and powerful to transform any room to your desired look and colour.

If you’re looking for an added effect, we suggest taking a look at our fantastic smoke machines for the additional effect and fun atmosphere for your party.

For more information on the par can lights, or to book yours today, feel free to contact our team on 1300 13 22 82, or email [email protected] to book yours today.